Autodesk Revit 5.1 官方英文版

Revit 5

Introducing Autodesk Revit

Welcome to Autodesk Revit, a new entry in the architectural design market. Autodesk Revit will help you develop better, higher quality designs in much less time. And you will reap the benefits of the lower design time: increased productivity and profitability and improved responsiveness to clients and partners.

Autodesk Revit provides a whole new concept in the architectural process. It was designed to provide capabilities that current products do not.

Autodesk Revit:

  • Mirrors an integrated architectural process
  • Mirrors architectural thinking
  • Encourages change
  • Enables multi-user coordination
  • Reflects what a building really is
Autodesk Revit 5.1 主界面


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