Take a Holistic Approach to Advancing Your Career

When you think about a "career" in the abstract, it seems like a very linear thing—one step leading to the next in a causal chain that adds up to success or failure. That's not how it works, of course. A career is a series of decisions, big and small. Even a successful career can take many wrong turns along the way. However, a master plan and smaller-scale goal setting can significantly increase your chances of moving in the right direction. This course teaches you how to formulate the grand plan and assess risk and reward at every stage, evaluating each decision in detail. A diverse range of experts, from Tim Ferriss to Deepak Chopra, explain this mindset-shifting, holistic approach to career development. Leverage their hard-earned wisdom to make the right choices, mitigate risk, and build the networks of trust that will support you throughout your career.



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